Game of Thrones: Which wolves of the Stark live?

What happened to the 6 wolves that accompanied the Starks ? One week after the premiere of Game of Thrones season 8 , let’s remember which ones are still in the story

There is only one week left to watch the grand finale of Game of Throne s and fans come remembering the past seasons. Among the scenes that stand out are those where the wolves appeared, animals accompanying the Stark.

During the seven seasons that we have been presented with Game of Thrones, we have seen how each of the six dire wolves of the Stark has appeared at critical moments in history. What happened to Lady, Gray wind, Shaggydog (Hairy), Summer, Ghost, and Nymeria?

In one of Ned Stark’s tours of his lands, he and his group found six wolf puppies which were given to each Stark child, including Jon Snow.

With the passage of time and the chapters of Game of Thrones, the fate of the wolves has led to a point where only two of them are still alive.

Stark House and the fate of his work wolves

1.- Gray wind (Gray wind), the wolf of Robb Stark: dead in the events of the Red Wedding.
2.- Lady (Lady), the wolf of Sansa Stark: murdered at the hands of Eddard Stark by order of Cersei.

4.- Nymeria, the wolf of Arya Stark: alive and liberated by the young woman to avoid being captured. It is expected his great return in season 8.

5.- Summer (Summer), the wolf of Bran Stark: he sacrificed himself defending Bran from the white walkers.

6.- Hairy (Shaggydog), the wolf of Rickon Stark: killed in the series by the little Jon Umber.

7.- Ghost (Ghost), the wolf of Jon Snow: I live and sheltering Winterfell.

Although for season 8 of Game of Thrones we arrive knowing that both characters are not brothers but cousins, these two figures have not been seen since season 1, when Snow traveled to join the Night’s Watch and Stark went to King’s Landing (Landing of the King) with his father and Sansa Stark.

Before they separated, they were very close; in fact, it was Jon Snow who gave Arya his little sword Needle.

It is very likely that this reunion will occur in the first episode of the eighth season, which will be 54 minutes (the shortest of the 6 that will be presented in this cycle), which has already been confirmed to show Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow arriving at Winter fell (Winter fell), along with the army of ‘the mother of dragons’.

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