Game of Thrones: Now That Viserion belongs to The King of Night What Next in Season 8?

Viserion now follows a new owner, after the King of the Night turned him into a White Walker and yes he improved his skills.

One of the moments that most marked in the seventh season of ‘Game of Thrones’ has been the change of Viserion towards a White Walker and his later use of the King of the Night over the dragon to destroy the Wall.

However, by the time Viserion destroyed the Wall it did not do so with its typical red fire, but it had changed to a blue.

It was speculated that Viserion had become an ice dragon, but in the books George R.R. Martin describes these beings as creatures that spit cold. And this, because it has logic, because if not the Wall, instead of collapsing, it would have been strengthened.

Recall that, as with humans, Viserion resurrected with his same abilities as when he was alive, but may have, now, a greater destructive capacity.

When mentioning a greater destructive capacity we rely on the tonality of the fire that spits, and when one ignites a flame, the zone that burns more is the blue one.

On the other hand, remember that Paula Fairfield, sound designer of ‘Game of Thrones’, created a different roar for Viserion to be an undead. For this he asked for help from a couple, who asked him to get drunk and shout as loud as possible.

The eighth season of ‘Game of Thrones’ still has no official release date, but it is known that this would be arriving in the first half of 2019, as well as the prequel information that is increasingly shaped.

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