Galilea Montijo assembles a glitter set and looks stunning

Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph
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Galilea Montijoooo
Galilea Montijoooo

In a casual attire, the presenter used glitter to her advantage, and fans were quick to comment on the snap of Galilea Montijo.

Galilea Montijo’s style was highlighted in a recent publication by the famous 49-year-old television personality, who once again employed glitter to her advantage in a casual black dress.

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The presenter of Hoy reappeared in the camera app with a black and white image, wearing a hoodie and slacks that exposed part of her waist.

Galilea Montijo drew attention quickly by pairing her clothing with a pair of black platform boots, which projected a more macho air in Galilea Montijo’s decision.

With half of her face hidden behind her hair, the acclaimed host of ” Vida Tv ” “Pequeos Gigantes ” and other programs had mixed reactions, with a portion of her 9 million fans not hesitating to give the go-ahead to the also actress from ” The Hidden Truth “.

Wow, you look amazing, my favorite clothing, gorgeous, let her! Such were some of the messages in a recent publication by Martha Galilea Montijo Torres, which received 7529 likes.

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