Gal Gadot: James Cameron weighs in on Wonder Woman once more

Gal Gadot Wonder Women501813
Gal Gadot Wonder Women501813

“It’s fine for women to want to dress nicely and be attractive, but not for the male gaze,” James Cameron stated of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

For many years, James Cameron has been harshly critical of the principal female characters. In 2017, he commented on Gal Gadot’s ‘Wonder Woman,’ saying, “All of Hollywood’s self-indulgence with Wonder Woman is unacceptable.”

Gal Gadot Wonder Women

Then he pointed out that “she is an objectified icon”, to allege that “it is merely male Hollywood doing the same as before”, that is, making female figures an ideal stereotype for men, which he called “a step back”. .

Despite the fact that he has already admitted that he is in a position to criticize the directors’ work, he even stated in a recent interview: “I have no objections to Wonder Woman. I really enjoyed the film.”

Gal Gadot Wonder Women188559

He did, however, point out the following issue: “What seemed mysterious to me at the time was that it is acceptable for women to desire to dress well and be beautiful, but not for the male gaze, but for their own when they look in the mirror. That might have slipped my mind.”

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