Francia James causes a sensation among her fans by modeling herself in a towel

In the first image, the Colombian shows her enormous attributes barely covered by a towel.

James 2 E1637775131776
Francia James causes a sensation among her fans by modeling herself in a towel

This Monday France James managed to capture the looks of her millions of followers on Instagram, after uploading 4 snapshots with very few clothes.

In the first image, the Colombian shows her enormous attributes barely covered by a towel, while she gives us a beautiful smile, leaving more than one of her fans breathless.

James 3
Francia James

For the second photograph, France appears in profile, allowing us to appreciate her beautiful features, as well as her marked back, and part of her great charms.

The socialite appears seated for the third postcard, showing off all her sensuality with her slightly wet body, while she makes us witnesses of her marked legs.

James 5
Francia James

Finally, the influencer remains seated, but now we can see her in profile, showing part of her enormous rear, racing the hearts of her fans.

So far the publication of James has managed to exceed 185 thousand likes, accumulating thousands of messages in the comment box.

James 6
Francia James



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