Francia James reveals her enormous charms with her transparent blouse

So far, James’ post has proven to be a hit with her fans.

James 2
Francia James reveals her enormous charms with her transparent blouse

This Monday, Francia James stole the glances of her millions of Instagram followers, after sharing 2 photos and 2 videos in a striking outfit.

Francia shows off her great attributes in a transparent leopard blouse in the first snapshot, as she stares into the camera and places her left hand on her head.

James 1
Francia James

For the second photograph, the model appears sitting in a rickety car, making us witnesses of her marked abdomen, as well as her incredible legs.

Later we can see a short video of the Colombian in which she appears running, moving her great charms while the wind blows strongly.

James C
Francia James

Finally, we can appreciate another short recording, but now the socialite is more serious since she is posing for her photoshoot, showing off all her sensuality.

So far, James‘ publication has turned out to be a success with her fans, accumulating more than 140 thousand likes, in addition to thousands of messages in the comment box.

James 3
Francia James



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