Finding “Writing began as a game” in Elvira Lindo’s book collection

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Elvira Lindo
Elvira Lindo

The shy, witty, and imaginative Elvira Lindo (Cádiz, 1962) who used to read Little Women in the attic of her Palma de Mallorca home has never left her.

She was the youngest of her brothers and moved about a lot as a kid; she started writing stories when she was nine, around the time her mother was diagnosed with cancer; she was sixteen when she died. “In the video for this week’s edition of In the library of, he states, “For me to write at first It was a game and I don’t want that to happen at all.”

Elvira Lindo Biography - Childhood, Life Achievements &Amp; Timeline


She appreciates that her and her husband Antonio Muoz Molina’s home library is set up similarly to those found in public buildings. To put it another way, her door is always open for her kids and her siblings to help themselves to whatever they desire.

One fairly conventional viewpoint holds that a male writer of his stature would be more helpful to me in editing the texts than the other way around. He explains this in front of a vast dark wooden bookcase whose contents include Simenon, Galdós, Chéjov, Proust, and Alice Munro. “We have always had a really egalitarian atmosphere, we have respected one other and we have participated in everything, without bosses and without students.”

Elvira Lindo: «Manolito Gafotas Existe, Soy Yo»


Elvira Lindo has just finished filming her directorial debut, Someone Who Takes Care of Me, co-starring Daniela Fejerman as her mother and daughter. In the Wolf‘s Den, her next novel, is set for release in 2023. She says, “It is really precious to me since it is distinct from everything I have written.”

There is an air of mystery about it. The setting is the town of my mother’s youth, Bias, in the Valencian region; the events, however, are all fictional.

Elvira Lindo Novela La Historia De Amor De Sus Padres «Sin Almíbar Ni Ajuste De Cuentas» | Las Provincias


Writer/journalist disdains physical books. Even the ones that her husband had devoted to her for thirty years, she ripped off the dedications in a rush one day. Antonio was supposed to send in his portfolio when he applied to the Royal Academy, but he messed up and forgot.

They contacted me to inform me they didn’t have his books because he was out of Madrid, so I started taking out the front pages… Those are the ones in the RAE now! “, she chuckled to herself.

Elvira Lindo Presenta En La Fundación Pérez Estrada De Málaga Su Libro 'A Corazón Abierto'


What sparked the passion for storytelling within her? That was the writer who helped her find peace with her style? Which book has she decided she will never lend again? In this video format from EL PAS, we learn about the collection of the man who gave us the iconic character of Manolito Gafotas.

Previous videos have shown us the libraries of Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa, authors Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Lorenzo Silva, Almudena Grandes, Eduardo Mendoza, and Rosa Montero, politicians José Manuel Garca-Margallo and ngeles González-

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