Fans of Game of thrones give confirmed one of the most anticipated duels

Fans of Game of thrones give confirmed one of the most anticipated duels2
Fans of Game of thrones give confirmed one of the most anticipated duels2

There are six episodes of Game of Thrones left. It has been reported that the duration of these will be more excessive than usual but relatively few minutes remain to close all the frames that remain open. It is scary that there are plots and moments that remain in the pipeline although the fans already take for confirmed one of the most anticipated scenes of the series after an actor has uploaded a simple photograph on Instagram.

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At first glance, the snapshot of Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson is nothing special. The actor who plays the Mountain from the fourth season (before the role had belonged to Conan Stevens and Ian Whyte) wanted to be characterized in the skin of his character but soon rained the questions of the fans. And what did you want to move forward? That his character’s favorite scene still had to be broadcast, which would be one of the eighth season.

Suddenly, bells rang out among the fans as if they had released the biggest spoiler in history. And why, if he had barely hinted at anything? Because the viewers assumed that this scene would have to be the confrontation between the brothers Gregor and Sandor Clegane, better known as The Mountain and the Dog, and whose possible duel has been christened Cleganebowl among the experts in Game of Thrones theories .

This reaction on the part of the fans has to do with the status of Gregor in the series. The actor of 2.05 meters tall and 179 kilos had a fantastic scene in the fourth season when beating a duel with Oberyn Martell (Pedro Pascal) made him explode the head. Since then he has had to settle for intimidating with his presence since he is practically a dead person since Master Qyburn managed to keep him alive with his dark arts.

The two little brothers faced

Fans of Game of thrones give confirmed one of the most anticipated duels

Because of this, if he says that he still needs to broadcast his best scene, the fans assume that it is his confrontation with his brother. After all, it would have its logic that G.R.R. Martin would have planned a final duel between these two characters faced since childhood and who remain standing to reach the final season of Game of Thrones. They hate each other since La Montaña put the dog’s head on fire for fun, leaving his face marked for life.

In addition, they have also shown to have two very different consciousnesses. While Gregor is a sadist and a soulless, always obsessed with helping the Lannister (his obsession with Cersei knows no limits now that he is a monster with bloodshot eyes), Sandor is also a warrior but with a big heart under his Armor, as demonstrated by his attempts to help Sansa Stark and later Arya, who was not exactly grateful to him.

Now we just have to wait until 2019 to confirm if the Clegane have their particular outcome, that Cleganebowl that the readers of the novels of G.R.R. Martin have been waiting since 1996, when the first installment of the Ice and Fire Song series was released.

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