Esmeralda Ugalde shows off her beauty in a tremendous bikini

The singer and actress dazzled her Instagram followers by showing off her great body on the beach.

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MEXICO.- Esmeralda Ugalde , left thousands of Internet users with a square eye, after posing in a flirtatious way with a swimsuit.

The 29-year-old singer shared on her Instagram account a photograph in which she is laying down wearing a blue bikini, showing off her flat abdomen.

“Escape and lie quietly on the beach. That’s my idea of paradise [sic],” he wrote on Instagram.

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In a short time, the publication almost reached 17,000 “likes” , in addition to receiving more than 120 comments , most of which were compliments.

Esmeralda Ugalde , a Mexican actress and singer, rose to fame in 2010 after participating in the reality show La Academia, where she won first place. She is the younger sister of the singer Ana Bárbara.


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    Written by Leena Wadia

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