Drew Barrymore’s declaration of love to Leonardo DiCaprio that revolutionized the networks

Rachita Salian
Rachita Salian
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drew barrymore posted a hilariously flirty commen 2 457 1626300390 11 dblbig

It is not the first time that Drew Barrymore dedicates a public declaration of praise, admiration, or love to Leonardo DiCaprio. Last year when the protagonist of Don’t look up referred to global warming in a post, the actress replied that she should be the only hot (sexy/hot) on Earth. On this occasion, the famous ET girl posted a few words from her on her Instagram, where she bluntly expresses her feelings for her.

“Oh, Leo! I didn’t know you were checking me out! I have loved you ever since we met as teenagers on the set of Poison Ivy! Lately, in life, I keep thinking of this credo ‘leave it better than you found it’ What could be a perfect summary of you! We are all better for having you in the world! And on this planet,” wrote the host of The Drew Barrymore Show (CBS Media Ventures).

The actress’s millions of followers did not take long to respond to her publication, in whose image she appears next to DiCaprio, who watches her carefully from the seat of the room where they both shared.

“What a sweet thing to say!”; “We need more people like you !”; “I still think you need me to do a romantic comedy with you. Her female audience and yours would love it too”; “ He is controlling you and that big smile on his face ” and “Brava Miss Barrymore️! Wonderful words! I agree with you: Leonardo… He is so kind and… brilliant”, were some of the hundreds of comments.

Strictly speaking, although the good relationship between the two actors is known since they worked together in several films, DiCaprio’s reaction to it is unknown. In that sense, it is also not known if there is a game scheduled between them or if Barrymore likes to expose her sincerity without measuring the consequences.

Drew Barrymore, the most real celebrity on Instagram

An article published in 2020 pointed out the sincerity with which Drew Barrymore showed herself on social networks. “ She triumphs because of her originality since her only secret is to be completely authentic, genuine, and sincere. An example: for the so-called “wellness week”, most of the personalities choose to share their advice to be healthy (beauty tips, diets, or physical exercises in most cases), but she does not “, expressed the note.

The actress always shows that her style is frank. “ I go up and down. The roller coaster of my body is a challenging but beautiful ride. I had two daughters. The most important purpose for me on this planet is to be for them. It is a true miracle that I was able to have them. So whatever the sequels are, let them come! ”, She exposed herself as a sample of it, in a publication at the time.


In the same sense, the photo that accompanied that message was -for a person with that level of exposure- admirable. It is a compilation of two of her versions, one in “the good ones” and one in the “bad ones”. The difference between the two is amazing. At the end of the text, she leaves another of her advice: “Do not compare yourself with what you see in magazines or on red carpets . “

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