Demi Rose dazzles her fans by modeling her stunning curves from the back

So far, Rose’s post has accumulated more than 300,000 likes.

Demi 1
Demi Rose dazzles her fans by modeling her stunning curves from the back

Yesterday, Demi Rose stole the sighs of her Instagram followers again, after sharing 2 photos with very little clothes.

In the first image, we find the model from behind, wearing a transparent robe that reveals her impressive rear, beautifully accented by lace underwear.

Demi 2
Demi Rose

For the second snapshot, the shot is more open, while Demi moves a little further away from the camera, allowing us to observe the beauty of the place where she was, highlighting a large number of clouds and the impressive blue of the sky.

In addition, the influencer shared 2 more photos of the amazing landscape that she had in the place she visited, without giving us any clue of where exactly she was.

Within her post, the Englishwoman leaves us a description in which we can read ” A piece of heaven “, to which many of her fans agreed with her.

So far, Rose‘s publication has managed to accumulate more than 300 thousand likes, in addition to having thousands of messages from her fans, who have not stopped covering her great figure.



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