Danna Paola teams up with Steve Aoki to surprise her fans

Steve Aoki
Steve Aoki

The American-Japanese DJ says he’ll be releasing a single with the Mexican singer soon. Late on Monday, April 3, social networks exploded as the renowned international DJ Steve Aoki shared some photographs and videos with Danna Paola , the prominent Mexican singer.

Supposedly, the musicians are planning to release a new song together, so they got together in the studio to work and then shared some details on their Instagram profiles. The news surprised the singer’s admirers because she had just revealed a new song, ‘1 drink,’ will be released on April 13th.


Steve Aoki impressed the audience at the Tecate Pa’l Norte event in Monterrey last weekend, but it wasn’t enough for him, as he had other surprises in store. Yesterday, already in Las Vegas, the DJ released a video with one of Mexico’s greatest exponents, Danna Paola, and was overjoyed to express: “We’re currently in the studio. We are going to produce a hit! “.

The ‘XT4S1S’ interpreter had come to Las Vegas and published multiple films, but no one knew why she was there. All suspicions were dispelled after the DJ posted videos of herself with her.


Elite' star Danna Paola fights back against trolls


In fact, in one of the videos she uploaded, the singer is seen posting a postcard dated April 3, 2023 on the wall of Steve’s studio. Reportedly it is a wall full of pictures of artists with whom she has Aoki collaborated .


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Although, at the time there is no further information about it, the fans managed to clear up their uncertainties, as on Monday social networks were full of speculations about it. On Twitter, various fans followed Danna Paola ‘s journey to Las Vegas and talked about a cooperation with an artist.


Danna Paola se convierte en la reina de Instagram mexicana


While the American artist was in the same city, some netizens speculated about a new song with Olivia Rodrigo. The footage that Steve Aoki posted with the Mexican singer, however, more than clarified the rumors.

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