Daniella Chávez shows her excellence after a cute swimsuit and glasses in the Lady Gaga style

The beautiful Chilean model made her unconditional beauty notice by posing very cute in a brief filming in a swimsuit and shiny glasses

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Las Condes, Chile.- Daniella Chávez , the beautiful and charming model of Chilean origin enjoys what it is like to have a summer afternoon in her greatest style, to attract her millions of followers, by virtue of a short video, which shows her wonderful figure in little dress.

Maintaining perfection, from her feet to her head, the native of Las Condes shone the mirror of her room to stand out with a phenomenal swimsuit , in white in all its complexity, at the same time wearing peculiar glasses to which at various times the singer from the United States, Lady Gaga , has been seen carrying

Demonstrating her fondness for the North American composer, dancer and actress, Daniella Chávez decided to have an appearance that was the most beautiful glamor of the New York native, therefore in the various messages received most of her fans described her as “Lady Chávez “, about seeing yourself, before his eyes, more beautiful and beautiful.

It would not be the only occasion that the South American would be dazzling a whole social profile with her beautiful eyes and her sweetening red lips that were fleshy and special. In a following story you can see how he observes with eyes full of excellence, to later protect them and give a meaning to his appearance, with tall and splendid slow sayings.

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Daniella Chávez Shining In A Swimsuit

From one moment to the next the networks made so much preciousness sparkle and that same by virtue of the exclusive and fabulous figure of Dani Chávez, which is incomparable and at the same time transforms her into a beautiful young lady, who steals the spotlight and falls in love with hearts. of just over 14.5 million fans, on Instagram.

So much is the waste that comes to be observed by such a fantastic star that is the young model that her thousands of followers admire her beauty, and more when she shows how God brought her into the world, like an angel with great wings and divine beauty, undoubtedly.

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Daniella Chávez Shines In A Swimsuit


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