Brenda Zambrano says she is happy with her new figure without breast implants

The Mexican influencer said she was happy to have performed the operation to remove her implants and celebrates it by showing her new version with dance on TikTok.

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Mexico.- Brenda Zambrano gave the news in recent days, first announcing that due to health issues she would proceed to remove her breast implants , with the days surprisingly through her social networks she showed the result of the operation with an explicit image of how she looked at the defective implant that was making her sick, now recovered she says happy and full with her new figure.

Recently Branda Zambrano shared his feelings on his social networks, a video that he first published on TikTok then took him to Instagram where he already looks much better after the operation and what is even more important that he feels happy with his new facet , now with a more natural and healthy body.

In the clip, Brenda Zambrano is seen performing some somewhat simple and calm dance steps because she cannot make much effort at the moment while she recovers. Of course, very enthusiastic, she assured that this is her new figure and that her clothes will look like this from now on and she feels very happy about it.

“Today’s video, 5 days ago I removed the implants and this is how I now have a top, I’m super happy,” says the description of the video that today has more than 72 thousand likes and hundreds of other comments letting you know that They are with her in her big decision and more if it was for a health issue what they are grateful for to have her more time in networks.

Brenda Zambrano says she is happy with her new figure without breast implants
This is how Brenda Zambrado looks now without her implants | Photo: Instagram

Hours later Brenda Zambrano shared a more detailed photo of her new figure where she wears black pants and a top without her implants. In the same way, she received a lot of support with more than 158 thousand reactions although after a while the influencer decided not to allow more comments on her publication.

Now she is ready to live much better and without worrying about having more health damages from a similar issue. It must be remembered that Brenda Zambrano is a woman very followed in social networks and such an action could have impacted both good and bad on many of her fans.

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