Crawford describes her daughter Kaia Gerber as brave in a video posted to Instagram.

When asked by Ellen Pompeo if she was proud of Kaia for dabbling in acting as well as appearing on the runways, the supermodel said she was.

Cindy Crawford And Her Daughter Kaia Gerber.

Former runway queen Cindy Crawford believes her daughter Kaia Gerber has always been braver in the pursuit of her aspirations than Crawford was. Kaia Gerber has followed in her mother’s footsteps in the fashion industry. However, before she could say anything else, the American recalled that Kaia was already working her first acting gigs, a field into which she had never dared to venture before.

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It makes me proud that she has more self-confidence than I did at her age. Taking part in school plays was only one of many activities that I enjoyed throughout my time there. I didn’t attempt since I didn’t have any acquaintances in those circles, and I didn’t know if I’d be any good at it anyhow “Cindy said as much in an interview with actress Ellen Pompeo, whose podcast is becoming increasingly popular with listeners.

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“Kaia, on the other hand, has always been braver, which is why she participated in theatre in elementary and senior school. She’s had some acting experience already “Following her daughter’s marriage to billionaire Rande Gerber, supermodel Cindy Crawford blamed the current coronavirus epidemic, which has resulted in a significant drop in fashion presentations, for the change in direction her daughter has adopted.

“Since picture assignments are rarely done all over the world, she no longer travels as much or has as much work as a model. “Cindy mentioned that Kaia has some job worries that she wants to manage very cautiously, which is why she started auditioning and taking acting lessons online. According to him, even though her admirers are happy that she has been encouraged to do so, she now has more attention focused on her than anyone would have in their first experience as an actress.


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