A fine for the video for Adele’s new single Easy on me could be levied against her.

A sequence in which the British singer drives a car from which papers fly caused everything; the Doncaster district officials offered Adele an alternative to get rid of the sanctioning.


With the release of Easy on me, Adele released her first music in five years. In the song, Adele explains her reasons for leaving Simon Konecki and their only child. This is excellent news because it confirms expectations, but this is bad news because it now appears likely that the artist will be prosecuted for defacing the roads of Doncaster, England’s metropolitan district. Adele is shown driving a car that spews papers in a scene from the film clip, and he learned about it via the official Twitter account of that location.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

e caught littering would face a fine of up to $100. “Despite her repeated requests, we will not be lenient with her,” they continued, winking at the title of the track, in which Adele asks for understanding and that no one be too hard on her for her divorce because “she was just a child. and he had good intentions.” they added.

Alternatively, they suggested using a shot from his music video – in which his eyes are reflected in a rear-view mirror – as a new image for a public statement warning of the consequences they may face for those who dump rubbish on public highways to get rid of the penalty.

The licence plate of the vehicle seen in the music video, directed by Xavier Dolan with Adele at the helm, looks to be American, suggesting that the clip was not shot in the UK, as some social media users asserted.


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