Claudia Álvarez And Billy Rozar Announce That They Will Become Parents Of Twins

In the images, we can see the couple accompanied by their daughter Kira.

Billy Rozar and Claudia Álvarez | @ claudiaalvarezo / instagram

MEXICO CITY – This Sunday, Claudia Álvarez and Billy Rozar gave incredible news to their fans after they published through their social networks that they would become parents of twins.

Twins 2
Claudia Álvarez And Billy Rozar

In the images, we can see the couple accompanied by their daughter Kira, while they release the smoke bomb that reveals the baby’s gender, which in this case is pink and blue, so they will have a boy and a girl.

Inside the actress’s post, we can read “NOTICIÓN! We have been doubly blessed !!!! When they found out in heaven that we were asking for one more baby, Diosito, knowing the capacity for love we have, decided that we were ready to receive two beautiful little souls to bless our lives!”


The publication has quickly gained great popularity, since it currently exceeds 170 thousand likes, and has thousands of congratulations, among which those of Ximena Navarrete, Grettell Valdez, Fernanda Castillo, Alessandra Rosaldo, Marcus Ornellas, among others, stand out.

Twins 3
Claudia Álvarez And Billy Rozar

It was only 3 months ago, when Claudia pointed out in an interview for Sale el sol that she was already ready to become a mother for the second time, revealing that “Everything will be in due time when God wants it, I’m ready And now, yes, I would like to give Kira a little brother or sister”.

In this interview, the interpreter announced that the pregnancy was in vitro, assuring that the insurance would be the same, “With all the technological advances there are, I had my baby through In Vitro, thank God it happened in a way, not fast, because it is all a hormonal process, it is all a slow, hard, difficult process, but now there are many options for women of the same age who want to have children”.


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