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Alice Eve


The British Alice Sophia Eve achieved worldwide fame with her appearance in the charming comedy Too Sharp to Be True, in which she embodied a man’s fantasy that came to life and turned the heads of many cinema viewers. For roles of this kind, it is not so much acting as a talent that is required – it is now Eve’s task to prove her acting ambitions beyond this limiting character type.

From London to the world

Alice Eve was born on February 6, 1982 in London. Her parents were actors, so Eve decided to follow suit and pursue a career as a performing artist. After completing her school career, she went to Los Angeles for a year to study acting at the renowned “Beverly Hills Playhouse”. Back in England, she continued her studies at St. Catherine’s College in Oxford and was involved in various student theater productions at that time. She gained her first experience as a professional actress in British television productions and in a supporting role in Richard Eyre’s costume drama “ Stage Beauty ”. In 2006 the first major film role followed in the British comedy ” Starter For 10“In which she played the object of desire for James McAvoy . In the years that followed, Eve remained loyal to her homeland and shot the bitter comedy ” Big Nothing ” together with the British cult star Simon Pegg , in which the Briton tried for the first time on an American accent. The blonde beauty is too hot to be true. Despite moderate success in the film business, Alice Eve was still seen in smaller theater productions. In 2009 she starred in the political drama ” Crossing Over ” alongside Harrison Ford and Ray Liotta

With. Her breakthrough came in 2010 with the comedy “Too Sharp to Be True”, in which she played a wonderfully beautiful blonde who falls in love with a far less attractive average guy – she not only enchanted co-star Jay Baruchel , but also the audience. A supporting role in the box office hit “ Sex and the City 2 ” was another important step on her way up and with a recurring guest role in the hit HBO series “ Entourage ” she also attracted attention on television. The green and blue-eyed blonde will soon see more promising film projects: She plays the lead role alongside John Cusack in the dark thriller “ The Raven“And alongside superstar Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in the highly anticipated second sequel to the action comedy” Men in Black “. By then the name Alice Eve should be on everyone’s lips!

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