Britney Spears is about to return to music, gives a preview

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The complicated situation that Britney Spears had to live in kept her away from music and the stage, first being controlled by her father as a guardian and now embarking on this new journey for freedom.

However, on his social networks, there is a video in which he shared with us that he is back to dancing, doing one of those movements that his fans love so much and that could easily work for a music video, but the video was also accompanied with a possible surprise.

She assures us that the video of this dance and its background song could only mean one thing, what is to come, that is, referring to a possible return to music, shocking statements that have become a trend.

In the video, we can see her walking very safely with incredible heels and an impressive outfit, her charms, and her beauty was reflected in front of the camera and her fans once again felt that great admiration and love for her.

We will have more of Britney Spears, the release of her new song “Get Naked” could be the beginning of something very big for her entertainment career, a new awakening by this artist who had been paid for so long thanks to the complicated situation in which she was involved.


The last record release he had was in 2016, now in the middle of 2022, he is about to make new proposals, probable successes that will reach our ears very soon.

Some Internet users also consider that he may take a video with this release, so we will have to continue to be very vigilant and we recommend that you do not miss it through Show News.

Some users are wondering what the singer’s new music will be like, hoping that she will rescue a bit of that pop she made so famous and that she will surely continue to use it.

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