Brad Pitt requests that Shania Twain “spread the wealth” by mentioning him in a song

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Sarah Joseph
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Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt believes Shania Twain ought to “spread the wealth” when she mentions other people. The Canadian singer’s 1998 smash hit track “That Don’t Impress Me Much” famously features a shout-out to the “Babylon” actor; however, she updated the lyrics to include a shout-out to the “Deadpool” actor after spotting him at a recent performance.

Additionally, Brad stated that he didn’t feel disrespected by being left out of the song’s lyrics and urged Shania keep bringing up various Hollywood hotties as she sings.

Shania Twain Reveals The Reason She Used Brad Pitt'S Name In 'That Don'T Impress Me Much' | Entertainment Tonight

When asked if Ryan had stolen his thunder, Brad laughed and said, “He didn’t steal it. I believe we can divide the resources. Yes, Ryan is a good person. He merits some affection.

“I believe she need to give it to someone else so that Austin Butler can hear it the next time. Leo [DiCaprio] may be in between. Shania recently stated that she still finds Brad to be “quite amazing” despite the words being altered, but Ryan “can do no wrong.”

Brad Pitt Wants Shania Twain To 'Share The Wealth' With Namechecks In Song

“I mean, you know, Brad Pitt, he’s gorgeous, as successful as it gets,” she continued. He’s obviously pretty impressive. Ryan Reynolds, too? Oh my goodness, my fellow Canadian, he is perfect.

Brad previously said that due of his own inherent “melancholy” and “world-weariness,” he can identify with Jack Conrad, the silent film star who plays him in “Babylon.”

Brad Pitt Has Finally Impressed Shania Twain Decades After 'That Don'T Impress Me Much'

He stated: “Unfortunately, that melancholy may be a biological trait that I was born with.”But instead, I believe that as the character continues, tiredness sets in. I can definitely identify with a certain level of world-weariness.

“Right now, more of us are attempting to undermine one another than to build one another up. I start to grow fatigued.”

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