Beyoncé is launching a clothing line inspired by Renaissance


The singer Beyoncé, by the hand of the designer Olivier Rousteing, will launch a clothing line inspired by ‘Renaissance’ that is an ode to fashion

After the failure of Beyoncé ‘s sportswear line with Adidas, she has prepared to launch, by designer  Olivier Rousteing , a haute couture collection inspired by her new album ‘Renaissance’.


In an interview with Vogue, the designer spoke about how the project was born: “I started to imagine the sketches inside his album, how they would relate to the songs and the lyrics; it wasn’t something I was supposed to do, but the music inspired me to do it.”

For five months, work has been done on this exciting collaboration with Beyoncé and Senofonte, which will feature 17 designs that pay homage to the interpreter’s musical heritage and take advantage of the space to unite it with the history of the design house.


Beyonce 4


Some of the outfits included were being worn by Queen Bey for a photo shoot on the occasion of the 2023 Grammy Awards ceremony, being the first glimpses of what to expect from her union with fashion.

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