Betty White, the “great lady defying expectations,” has passed away.

Betty White passed away on Friday at the age of 99, and the tributes began to flood social media as soon as the news spread. Reminiscences of the former Golden Girl, from Joe Biden, President of the United States, to Ryan Reynolds, actor, abound.

Betty White

The vice president described Betty White as “a wonderful woman” in his congratulatory remarks.
The news of Betty White’s death, only a few weeks shy of her 100th birthday, prompted a statement from the president.

“Betty White was a household name in the United States for decades. We shall miss her as a cultural icon.”

She was “a great woman,” Vice President Joe Biden told reporters in Wilmington, Delaware. “Amazingly, she is now 99 years old. In my mother’s opinion, God is a big fan of hers.”

Jill Biden, the First Lady, added: “A Betty White fan is hard to find. Our hearts are broken by her passing.”

“She was terrific at confounding expectations,” says Ryan Reynolds of Betty White.
After the death of Betty White at the age of 99, actor Ryan Reynolds observed, “the world seems changed.”

“White managed to become old, and somehow not old enough,” the actor wrote in a tweet about White.

“The Proposal” star Ryan Reynolds has referred to White as his “ex-girlfriend” since the film’s release in 2009.

“I heard Ryan can’t get over what he had with me, but Robert Redford is the one,” she said in an interview with People.

To which Reynolds answered in the form of an amusing tweet: “I’m completely fed up with the media using former relationships only for clicks.”

White would have celebrated his 100th birthday next month, and Reynolds will attend at a special film event in his honour.

“The Golden Girls” actress Betty White was recognised by Ellen DeGeneres in a tweet in which she expressed her gratitude to the comedian, writing that she cherishes every second she had with her.

A frequent guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, White has made several appearances as an actor.

Los Angeles pays tribute to Betty White’s contributions to the city and the Los Angeles Zoo.
Beverly White “had a big influence on our city’s life,” said Los Angeles Community Councilman Ed Reyna, who went on to say the city will be “forever thankful” for everything she did for the Los Angeles Zoo.

She “brought us wonderful memories that will always live on in our hearts,” said the mayor, who was speaking at the time.

White was an advocate for animal rights and a passionate animal lover. For more than 40 years, she was a trustee of the Morris Animal Foundation.

There is still time to attend Betty White’s birthday party.

Just a few weeks away from turning one hundred, Betty White was planning a lavish party to mark the occasion.

On January 17th, White would have been 100 years old. Producers of the documentary “Betty White: 100 Years Young – A Birthday Celebration” said a film event planned before her death would go forward as planned.

“Betty White’s death has left us all in a state of shock. We grew to love and admire Betty as a person and an artist over the course of our many years of working with “Steve Boettcher and Mike Trinklein, the film’s producers, released a statement. “Our hearts are full of gratitude for the many years of joy she offered to everyone she met. Betty often referred to herself as the “luckiest lady on two feet” because of her lengthy professional career. Because of our long-term ownership, we were the luckiest people in the planet.”

The video chronicles White’s life, including his employment, entertaining visitors at home, and his efforts to raise awareness about animal welfare. A Fathom Events screening is scheduled for 900 theatres throughout the country and initially planned to feature live video of White’s birthday celebration.

It is our intention that the video will serve as a vehicle for those who knew and loved Boettcher and Trinklein to remember her life and to understand what made her such a national treasure.

Star-studded pals were originally scheduled, including Ryan Reynolds and Tina Fey and Robert Redford and Lin Manuel Miranda and Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman and Jay Leno and Carol Burnett and Valerie Bertinelli and James Corden.

A handful of Betty White admirers gathered at her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday afternoon to remember the late actress. Gregg Donovan was one of those fans.

As a tribute, Donovan brought flowers to place on her star in memory of the woman she loved.

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