Bella Hadid wore low-rise lime green pants with three layer zip-up jackets

Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid

When it comes to layering, more is always more — at least according to Bella Hadid. Consider the calf-length denim skirt she wore over leggings and knee-high socks in Aspen, or the checkered miniskirt she wore over matching pants on an impromptu errand run.

Her most recent layered look? A true model-off-duty uniform that included not one, not two, but three (!) zip-up jackets (and an undershirt for good measure) (and an undershirt for good measure).

Bella Hadid Paired the Lowest Rise Lime Green Pants With Three Layered Zip Up Jackets

Hadid revealed the warm ensemble in question with one of her signature (captionless) Instagram photo dumps on Friday. The model posed backstage in a green, two-toned Marc Jacobs hoodie layered over a lime green About You zip-up jacket and a white and red undershirt in the first slide of the post, most likely during New York Fashion Week.

She wore the top(s) with low-rise lime green jeans (secured with a brown belt) and finished the look with black under-eye patches.

See Bella Hadid Layer Three Zip-Up Jackets With Lime Green Look

In a later slide, Bella added yet another jacket to her outfit: a slouchy army green leather zip-up complete with dark brown patches and piping. She wore her highlighted brunette hair down, save for a face-framing section pulled back and out of her face, and she kept her glam to a minimum.

While the photos were taken during New York Fashion Week, Bella shared them just days after she took a break from the city’s hustle and bustle to reconnect with nature. On Wednesday, the model shared a series of photos showcasing a quick visit to a horse ranch, which included practicing jumps, drinking her beverage line, Kin Euphorics, and hanging out with friends.

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