Becky G’s song launch has left fans disappointed

Becky G
Becky G

“How long have you been waiting for this?” Becky G‘s fans are outraged with the release of her new single “Chanel.”

Following the huge uproar surrounding her fiancé’s adultery, Becky G deactivated her social media accounts and stunned fans by releasing a new musical theme, ” Chanel “, a single categorized in the Mexican region, totally in Spanish, and about a collaboration with musician Featherweight.


Becky G


But, despite keeping this new song under wraps, when the Californian finally revealed it, fans were not overjoyed, as it was not liked by the majority of their followers, because it is clearly about a project other than what he had been working on on his album ” ESQUEMAS “.

Becky G announced the debut of the music video for “Chanel” on Thursday, April 6, and asked netizens to express their opinions about the song.

“So long for this?”

“No me gusta”

“I love her but not this song and I don’t like the way the boy sings, if you call that singing”

“What kind of music is this?”

Most fans of the interpreter of ” Mamii ” believed that this was one of her least favorite songs from her whole artistic career.


Becky G


Becky G, on the other hand, admitted at the start of the year that she was working on her debut album in the Mexican region, so her success in the new musical endeavor in this genre is in “we shall see.”

What do you think?

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