Anastasia Kvitko dethrones Siew Pui Yi with a massive “pum”

Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph
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Anastasia Kvitko Wears The Flirtiest Little Lace Bodysuit

With a huge “bang”! Anastasia Kvitko, a lovely Russian model, showed off her charms in the foreground for her followers.

Anastasia Kvitko, the lovely Russian model, obliterated the beautiful Malaysian playmate Siew Piu Yi with an image in which her “pum” was in the foreground and stole thousands of wholesale sighs on social media.

Anastasia Kvitko picked a more than low-cut swimsuit at the bottom of the back for the occasion, as well as no straps or sleeves; the celebrity donned a very light and fitting costume showing off huge curves.


Her “pum pum” was certainly the star of the photograph, as the dress entirely displayed her more than obvious curve and the social media celebrity had a natural face and large sunglasses.

Anastasia Kvitko Russian Kardashian

Anastasia Kvitko posed from the pool’s edge, her gorgeous legs within, turning her back to the camera and slightly turning her face so that it was captured by the camera. The blue of the sky and the lake in the background are a beautiful match to the green of the flora.

Anastasia Kvitko Shows Off A Perfect Tan In A Beige Swimsuit

When her photographer shot her with all the professionalism that she is known for, the Russian model showed off her curves in bulk. Each of her endeavours demonstrates that she is a professional model, not merely a beautiful and well-known influencer.

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