Alessandra Rosaldo escapes from tropical storm “Nora”; I was in a retreat in Puerto Vallarta


The singer and actress Alessandra Rosaldo was trapped in a hotel on Xinalani Beach, in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco state, Mexico, before the arrival of Hurricane “Nora” (which was later downgraded to a tropical storm). The wife of comedian and television producer Eugenio Derbez, for a few days, had traveled to this paradisiacal place as part of the fitness retreat “M Method” that she leads with her sister Mariana, which is called “Volver a-mar-te the experience”.

According to Alessandra Rosaldo, a member of the musical duo Sentidos Opuestos, the heavy rains began last Saturday afternoon and before this, they had to shelter in the hotel.

“With the news that Hurricane ‘Nora’ is coming here, it is moving, so we are going to have to change plans, adapt, adjust and flow, no way,” commented Eugenio Derbez’s wife, indicating that it would take the necessary measures to protect the people who attended their retreat.

In the midst of the storm, the activities scheduled to take place on the beach were changed for routines that could be done inside the hotel. “That’s what Method M is about, that’s what life is about, that’s what experience is all about.”

Alessandra Rosaldo escapes from tropical storm "Nora"; I was in a retreat in Puerto Vallarta
The whole group of Alessandra Rosaldo took shelter in the hotel. Photo: Instagram @alexrosaldo

This Sunday afternoon Alessandra Rosaldo, her sister Mariana and the people who attended her retreat were able to escape from tropical storm “Nora”. In the stories on her Instagram account, the 49-year-old singer documented her departure from the hotel to the Puerto Vallarta airport.

“Well, getting ready to go out, obviously we had to change our plans, but at last we are going to be able to go out, first we are going to walk out, then by boat, then by road and then by plane.”

Alessandra Rosaldo escapes from tropical storm "Nora"; I was in a retreat in Puerto Vallarta
Alessandra Rosaldo took the situation with the best humor. Photo: Instagram @alexrosaldo

And boy did they have a whole journey. Once the sea was calm, they walked a long distance until they reached some boats and were able to leave Xinalani Beach; later they continued their road trip and finally arrived at the Puerto Vallarta airport, where all the people took a flight to their respective homes.

“In case they had the earring, we are now safe and sound at the Puerto Vallarta airport, it was a great experience, literally, we got rid of it and we are ready to go home,” said Alessandra Rosaldo.


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