Aleida Núñez or Siew Pui Yi who wears the shorts better

Aleida Nunez e1643367523192
Aleida Nunez e1643367523192

They both have their own but who won this time, the Mexican hello originally from Malaysia, we present you two photographs so that you can see it with your own eyes

In the world of the Internet there are various content creators , recently gaining most of the attention of Internet users, this time we will address two of the most popular creators, one in Mexico,  Aleida Núñez , while another is in Asia, specifically in Malaysia, it is about Siew Pui Yi, both striving to deliver their best photographs and surprise their beloved audiences.


Despite what could be said to be a matter of taste, today we will have them compete over who is the one who best uses the Shorts and shows them off for the camera, starting with the Asian we have a snapshot in which we could see her from Soto mobile wearing a nice coat and denim shorts , the perfect piece to enter this competition and possibly win the jackpot.


Now we will approach the photograph of the Mexican woman , also wearing denim shorts but this time in pink, a tone that has been very distinctive in her way of dressing, showing us that she likes to look as colorful and cheerful as possible. combine this with her personality, since she has always been very cheerful and energetic, so her way of sharing her clothes was also in this way.


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Instagram will load in the frontend.


The two managed to get thousands of likes on each of their posts, but if we look closely Siew has better numbers, both in followers and reactions to her posts, so it could be said that she won this competition, however many other netizens too They will continue to defend Aleida, assuring us that they don’t lose their beauty because they are not so popular, because she is one of the most beautiful women they have ever seen.


You just need to leave your comment and your opinion in one of your publications so that our readers and other users can also read what you think, it is also very important for you to know who looks the best in shorts on Instagram, possibly we will continue receiving images like those or better from both Influencers and of course we could have another competition later.


Aleida Nunez


For now, we invite you to continue with us enjoying the best content of these celebrities and also getting to know another of their beautiful companions. At Geekybar  we will also continue to present you with the best news from the world of entertainment, entertainment and much more that we recommend you do not you are going to lose

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