Adamari López confesses to being a bad girl and causes laughter and criticism

adamari lopez
adamari lopez

Again, Adamari López has caused a stir in the networks, because, openly, she confessed and introduced her friends, showing why they are “bad girls”

What a statement recently made by the beautiful Telemundo host, Adamari López , because, without hesitation, she has confessed that she and her friends belong to the “bad girls” club. A confession that she has left her social media followers speechless about her.

Adamari Lopez


As is known, Adamari López , is a famous actress and television host , who, at 51 years of age, has become very popular , not only among the Latino community in the United States, but also on social networks, thanks to his constant publications in which he always gives something to talk about, as on this occasion.

In one of her most recent posts on Instagram, the well-known presenter of the Hoy Día program surprised all her followers by saying with all her words that she is a “bad girl”, a confession that has brought her various criticisms, but also many laughs for the particular and direct way of confessing it.


Taking advantage of a day off in the snow, Adamari López took the opportunity to record a short video, also known as a “reel” in which she openly introduced her two friends, explaining the powerful reasons that make them “bad girls”.


“My friends and I are bad girls, one has a bad back, another has a bad knee and my eyesight is half-regulated and we’re seeing, “said the actress comically.”


Of course, this confession was a funny occurrence from the Puerto Rican, who has known how to take advantage of her acting skills, as well as her good humor to make her more than eight million followers laugh on Instagram, although there are also some Internet users to those who failed to make laugh and left their criticism.


“Poor things!, but at least they have a good sense of humor, that makes them young”, “Very clownish for their age, mature”, “So beautiful, how I enjoy the occurrences of this blessed woman”, are some of the opinions.”


Thus, Adamari López has become an influencer with comedy overtones on her social networks, making it clear that, despite the fact that she is said to be a woman with a complicated character, she has her humorous side on the surface, enjoying her bachelorhood and this new stage that he is going through having exceeded 50 years of age.


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Without a doubt, Adamari López is a clear example for other women who, like her, have gone through divorces, serious illnesses, a fight against being overweight or who have become single mothers, so that none of these adversities will take away their desire. to live and especially to have fun and not lose the smile and the desire to laugh and enjoy life.


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