Adamari López, 51, flaunts her waist in an amazing gown

Adamari Lopez
Adamari Lopez

Elegant and exquisite, this is how the lovely Adamari López, 51, seemed in an excellent gown that revealed her wasp waist and appealing physique.

What a manner to fascinate and steal eyes had the famous presenter of the Hoy Da program, Adamari López, who arrived this week at the television forum as a whole “Beautiful Woman,” encased in an attractive and classic attire with which she arrived as a whole “Pretty Woman.” The actress boasted that she still has a small waist.

Adamari Lopez 1

As is well known, the ex-wife of Luis Fonsi had a difficult time when she acquired many extra kilos; however, this Latin television personality was able to overcome that unpleasant aspect for which she was cruelly chastised and now shows off all of her physical beauty in outfits that suit you best.

So, to end this second month of the year, in which we celebrate love and friendship, Adamari López swept the forum of her Hoy Da program, arriving wearing a beautiful and classic dress that further outlined her silhouette and left see that she also maintains firm hips, which looked splendid in this outfit.

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Adamari López stunned in this black gown with many rhombuses in the fabric and three giant buttons in the center, below the prominent neckline that showed off her great physique.

The design of the dress caught attention since it was precisely fitted to this famous Puerto Rican’s hips and figure, emphasizing the tiny waist that she emphasized with this model. The work catches attention since it appeals to the presenter’s contours in a completely formal approach.

Aracely Arambula replaced Adamari Lopez in melodrama

An outfit that Adamari López had to show off on her social networks, so she gave her faithful followers a quick catwalk in which she paraded and posed such a lovely dress, garnering endless compliments and more than three thousand “likes”.

Guys and Women… “Her,” Adamari wrote under her photo. Meanwhile, her fans remarked, “Every day more gorgeous Adamari”, “Without needing to display, a whole Diva”, “The right wardrobe”, “I think she gained muscle mass, I enjoy seeing her like this, not so slim “.

adamari lopez

Adamari López is still praised for her ability to lose multiple sizes while maintaining the form that charmed her devoted followers from the beginning. In any case, the Puerto Rican has made it obvious that she does it for health rather than vanity.

Regardless, she continues to provide a good example for many women over 50 who want to seem new and trendy while also being elegant and powerful.

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