Actor of Game of Thrones filters the incredible end during interview

Actor of Game of Thrones filters the incredible end during interview
Actor of Game of Thrones filters the incredible end during interview

Game of Thrones suffered a major leak because of one of the main actors, who talked about more and revealed part of the end of the series, and an important survivor of the fight.

Game of Thrones has conquered millions in the world with its captivating story of fire and ice, therefore, its fans are waiting for the last season that will end many years of emotions and promises an incredible outcome. So far there was not much information about his last season; however, a famous actor of the cast ended up talking more than necessary.

This is Iain Glenn, the actor in charge of giving life to Jorah Mormont, who would have told more in an interview to the newspaper ‘Express’, where he spoke about his character in the series, but also gave an important fact that strengthened one of the most popular theory among followers.

The actor confessed that his character will survive until the end of the 6 episodes that will be the last season of Game of Thrones, although the majority of the cast has been measured to not count more than the account and cast spoilers on the story.

The 57-year-old Actor said the role allowed him to “travel all over the world”, as well as feeling very lucky to be in the whole series, even in the final 6 episodes, which confirmed his survival in the war against white walkers .

“I’m one of the lucky few who made it!” Said Iain Glenn, who would become critical to the story. “You always have to wait for the unexpected in Game of Thrones, that’s how the series works.” In the next and final season, Ser Jorah will happily become a permanent face in the closest circle of Daenerys Targaryen, while the battle between good and evil leads to a spectacular ending, “he said of his character, who even managed to survive a deadly disease.

The controversial theory

According to fans, Game of Thrones will end up in the hands of Azor Ahai, the hero who saved the world from white walkers in the past, and it would be Jorah Mormont who would fit the prophecy, thanks to his relationship with Daenerys.

The prophecy indicates that a new winter would come and the night would return to all Westeros but, with it, a new Azor Ahai, a new hero that would end the White Walkers. It would be someone reborn in the smoke (the death of Khal Drogo), reborn in the middle of the salt (his catharsis in the sea), when the stars bleed (the comet that passes in many of his scenes), which captures a lion ( Tyrion Lannister) and that he has dragon blood (his proximity to Daenerys). Is it him? It is the doubt that many arise.

What do you think?

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