10 questions that only women with a strong personality answer

10 questions that only women with a strong personality answer 1
10 questions that only women with a strong personality answer 1

You consider yourself a woman with a strong self-esteem. Well, solve these questions and find out.

The self-esteem of a person can influence for good or bad in the life of a person. The more confident that person is, the stronger their self-esteem will be, but if the opposite is true, fears will be part of their day-to-day life.

Morris Rosenberg, doctor in sociology made a scale to evaluate the self-esteem of the people, this was published in his work Society and adolescent’s self-image, in which he revealed ten questions whose answers manage to reveal if that person has problems or not. self esteem. Although this scale was invented to know the self-esteem in adolescents, it was adapted for adults.

So with your hand in your heart, you answer these questions with total sincerity.

1. In general, are you satisfied with yourself?

2. Do you think you are good at what you do?

3. Do you feel you have good qualities?

4. Do you think you can do things as well as most other people?

5. Do you feel that you have a lot to be proud of?

6. Do you feel useful?

7. Do you feel that you are a valuable person, at least on an equal footing with others?

8. Do you respect yourself?

9. Do you consider yourself successful?

10. Do you have a positive attitude towards yourself?

According to the specialist, if you answer affirmatively to most of these questions, your self-esteem is high and your character will help you to show that you are a person who is highly valued.

If you answered “no” to most of these questions, evaluate what is happening and work on it. It is important that you develop your self-esteem and your confidence.

What do you think?

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