What do you like to do in your free time?

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Answer: 1

I usually like to sleep in my free time, and it is very happy to take a bath and lie in bed after working all day.

I also like to listen to some favorite songs, read books and watch anime.

If I have enough free time and money, I like to go out and travel, I like to walk and take pictures of the landscape along the way to document my life.

Sometimes I make a vlog with what I have recorded and upload it to YouTube or Tiktok. HitPaw Video EditorIt can meet all my needs and makes video cutting fun. It is so easy to use that even a novice can learn it.


I try to fulfill them at least for the purposes:

  • Listen to music (understand and feel the song really, letting yourself be carried away by your senses)
  • Riding a bike (feeling how the air breaks in your face‍)
  • Watch a lot of series (I’m almost done with the new Netflix)
  • Decorate my house (I’m not usually at home, but adding simple touches makes me spend more time enjoying it)
  • Read (nothing like a good book and tea…preferably matcha)
  • Go out to museums and go around the city (there are so many things to see)

Answer: 3

I like to learn things, and gain experiences. At one time I liked to travel or visit parts of the city that I saw less of, at another time my wife and I invited many people to dinner and had good conversations (the kind where there is politics, religion, and no soccer or trivialities). Currently, many nights Netflix is ​​an option, although I also like to go out to dinner at a good place within a walking distance (going out to dinner taking the car is an option but for me, it takes some comfort away from the matter). Reading is also something I like.

But if I look at all of these things they involve learning something, seeing a new aspect of something, either knowing something new or discovering new points of view. Of course, I almost always prefer little but very good company, I avoid massive crowded parties, loud music, and trivial conversations between people who know little.


Answer: 4

In my free time, I like to: share with my children, put together puzzles, draw to see what comes out, laugh about it, go to a small town, eat the typical foods of that community, and contemplate the birds, the butterflies, the flowers, watch the sunset, give names to the silhouette of the clouds, visit my parents, read, listen to music, go to bed, sing with StarMaket, be with family, go to the beach even if it’s only once a year.

Answer 5

What I like to do, but don’t always have time for it:

  • Move with my family and the dog. By “moving” I mean: walking close to home, hiking in the mountains, hiking to other towns, traveling to another province or country, and if you could travel to another planet, well, too.
  • Read. I don’t read for long periods because I don’t usually have long quiet moments, but on vacation, I finished several books.
  • Listen to music or the radio. I do it while I’m going from one place to another, especially on public transport, or while I’m working (which is not strictly free time, but let’s say it’s a parallel layer of my brain that has free time while other layers work).
  • Go to the movies, or watch movies at home. Series are also worth it, sometimes we do Netflix sessions that last longer than a couple of feature films.
  • Take pictures. I do this continuously… but rarely with “artistic” as an end.
  • Cook for family or friends. I also do little.
  • Lie in my hammock when the weather is good.

What I usually do more often:

  • Lazing on the couch with the phone 😀


Linguist-translator by education. I have been working in the field of advertising journalism for over 10 years. For over 7 years in journalism. Half of them are as editor. My weakness is doing mini-investigations on new topics.
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