The truth behind the viral video of a boy living in a cemetery

The video of a boy who sells gum on the street and who lives in the cemetery next to his mother’s grave went viral, but this is the truth of the case

Viral Video Of A Boy Living In A Cemetery

Through social networks, the viral video of a child circulates that has caused outrage, since the little one supposedly lives in a cemetery.

The video that was shared on various social networks, aroused the concern of users, however, this video is false .

In the video, a child is observed wandering along a road and is approached by a man who asks him why he is selling gum alone on the street.

The man raises the child to his car and begins to move him to a cemetery, there the child’s story begins to become more moving because according to the child, the cemetery is his home.

In the video, the boy is observed in tears, he tells the man who is recording him that he lives in the cemetery in a “hut” (a camp) that he set up next to his mother’s grave.

When questioned, he says his mother died of cancer six months ago and that since then he has lived there to fulfil the promise he made to never leave her alone.


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