Inside Dubai’s latest floating hotel, where luxurious rooms transform into BOATS.

In Dubai, a new floating hotel will open, with opulent homes that can be converted into boats.

New Floating Hotel

Within the main hotel, the Kempinski Floating Palace will include 156 rooms, a helipad, restaurants, bars, swimming pools, and a spa.

Guests will be transported to the hotel by speedboat, and helicopter and yacht parking will also be available. A premium rooftop with a giant glass roof, private pools, and two large rooftop pools can be seen in the images. The 12 overwater suites will feature one to four bedrooms and will have their own roof deck and infinity pools. With motors connected, the apartments will be able to move about on the water.

Kempinski To Build New Floating Hotel In Dubai

This means they may detach from the structure and transform into “boats” that can travel at six nautical miles per hour, earning the moniker “luxury houseboats.”Those staying in the suite will have their own crew and personnel to assist them throughout their stay. The hotel is presently under construction in the Seagate Shipyard in Dubai, with an expected opening date of 2023.

“We are happy of what we have done so far, especially at the Floating Palace in Dubai, where we have teamed with a worldwide leader in the hospitality market,” said Mr. Mohamed El Bahrawy, CEO and founder of Seagate Shipyard.

Kempinski To Build New Floating Hotel In Dubai

“I am indebted to Bernold Schroeder and the Kempinski Hotels for their faith in me. It’s exciting to see a brand of Kempinski’s calibre handle a floating hotel of this size for the first time, and we’re convinced that our hotel will quickly become one of Dubai’s top tourist attractions.”


It isn’t the only new attraction in Dubai that has made a splash.

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Written by Arun Sharma

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