What is micropigmentation and what applications does it have

The physical aspect has become one of the elements of our body that we have to take care of, just as we take care of our heart, brain and other organs, bones, joints, muscles, etc.

What is micropigmentation and what applications does it have
What is micropigmentation and what applications does it have

Physical exercise and a healthy diet are essential elements for full health, as are psychological and emotional well-being, although these are not taken into account. In recent years, having a good physical appearance is also part of this set of elements that favor overall health.

Luckily, currently having the physical appearance that one desires is no longer a problem. People who do not feel comfortable with any aspect of their body can change it thanks to aesthetic medicine. From aesthetic treatments, through little invasive techniques, to surgical operations, the remedies available to the population to make their well-being even more complete are many. No matter the size of the imperfection, today it is practically possible to resolve any defect.

There are many techniques that exist to improve our appearance, but we are going to try one in particular due to the spectacular increase that has gained popularity in recent years. We refer to micropigmentation, an increasingly demanded technique that is being perfected, achieving more and more satisfactory results and expanding its range of application. Next, we will discuss this technique in more detail to analyze why it is so popular.

What is micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is a technique that corrects, improves, modifies, beautifies and gives harmony to certain areas of the face and body thanks to the implantation of pigments in the epidermis . These pigments manage to give color and shape to the area where they are applied. In this way, micropigmentation can be considered as a permanent makeup technique.

Micropigmentation is applied in the vast majority of cases, on the face to beautify lips, eyebrows and eyes (eyelids). In the body it is also applied, especially to improve the appearance of the nipples after a breast reconstruction and hide the imperfections that cause scars or diseases that cause loss of pigmentation in the skin (such as vitiligo). Even this technique is applied to hide alopecia.

What results are achieved with micropigmentation?

The results achieved after micropigmentation are performed are really amazing, with the advantage that these are immediate. In addition, they remain completely natural and discreet thanks to the wide range of shades offered by this micropigmentation technique.

What applications does micropigmentation have?

Let’s see in more detail what are the different applications that this technique has.

● Lips . Micropigmentation is a splendid technique to make your lips much more attractive. This technique, in addition to beautifying, manages to perfect its contour giving an appearance of greater volume and hiding or concealing imperfections. By profiling the contour of the lips, they manage to bring greater harmony to the face, as well as improve the appearance of the person. But in addition, micropigmentation reduces wrinkles. It is not surprising that the micropigmentation applied to the lips has increased its demand due to the wonderful and, above all, natural results they offer.

● Eyebrows . The eyebrows provide great aesthetic balance to the face, in addition to contributing to the expressiveness of your face. With micropigmentation you will get your eyebrows to have a great balance and, in addition, you can correct the imperfections, since the technique covers the hair by hair area with shades that resemble the color of your hair and your skin type. Any person, regardless of age, can perform micropigmentation on the eyebrows, a practice that is increasingly common in women in their 40s and 50s. This technique is really useful for those who paint their eyebrows daily.

● Eyeliner . Micropigmentation, if performed perfectly and with a natural hue, offers spectacular results in the eyeliner area. With the eyeliner it is possible to increase the density of the eyelashes optically, as well as to make the eye look much larger. If you want a defined and beautiful look, this technique is what you need.

● Reconstruction of areolas . Women who have had to undergo breast reconstruction can now get the natural look of female breasts. With micropigmentation it is possible to reconstruct the appearance of the nipples, also hiding the scars produced by the operation.

● Tattoos . Yes, as you read. You can also use micropigmentation to get a tattoo, although it should be noted that this will be semi-permanent. If you have doubts when performing, or not, a permanent tattoo, you can try micropigmentation. If in the end the idea doesn’t convince you, you just have to wait for it to be deleted. In addition, with micropigmentation you can change the design as many times as you want.

Advantages of micropigmentation

Micropigmentation is a technique that will allow you to look perfect at all times, no unexpected will catch you by surprise, you will always be ready. In addition, with micropigmentation you will not have to be applying sessions continuously; After getting the final result you want, you just have to do a touch-up session every two years or so.

The result that micropigmentation offers you is not a radical change. Your appearance will be improved in a very natural way , only by correcting imperfections that detract from your appearance. Also, your spending on makeup will be greatly reduced.

In general, the opinions of patients undergoing micropigmentation are excellent. Everyone agrees that these tweaks have improved their lives, so they strongly recommend it. But perhaps, one of the great advantages of this technique is that it can be used without restriction of age and sex .

However, the micropigmentation technique cannot be performed by anyone. It is totally advisable that a professional of aesthetic medicine practice it, which is prepared and qualified for it. Only then the safety of the technique will be guaranteed. If you do not know any professional who can perform the micropigmentation technique, contact us and we will help you find the nearest professional.

It is already possible to have the look you want, always look in perfect condition and see you in front of the mirror as you always wanted. Change your mood just by making a small aesthetic modification.

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