War in Ukraine: Russian ambassador, no nuclear threat from Moscow

Razov, we are concerned that Italian weapons will be used to kill Russian citizens


“I have been working in Italy for 8 years and I have worked with Renzi, Conte, Letta and now Draghi. We have gone to great lengths to build bridges, strengthen relationships in economics, culture and other fields.”

With regret, now everything has been turned upside down. “The ambassador of the Russian Federation in Italy says the Russian ambassador Sergey Razov in Piazzale Clodio to file a complaint about incitement to commit a crime and condemnation of a crime for some articles published by the newspaper La Stampa. L the ambassador invited the newspapers to “follow both messages and not only those of the Ukrainian side”. “Every day – continues Razov – I read the Italian press and every day I see some photos whose provenance is very doubtful”.

“The sooner it ends the better: negotiations are underway with Ukraine and we hope for positive outcomes”, added Razov referring to the conflict and then stressed that there is “no nuclear threat from Moscow but reflections of scenarios in the event of threats. for the security of the Russian Federation “.

“The thing that worries us is that Italian weapons will be used to kill Russian citizens – he said -. And I want to remember that the decision was taken when the first stage of the negotiations began: rifles are distributed not only among the military,” but also among citizens and it is not clear how and when they will be used “.

“The operation will end when the objectives defined by President Putin before the start are achieved,” said Razov, describing the sanctions imposed on Russia for the outbreak of war as “drastic”. “Since 2014 – he added, always referring to the sanctions – there have been over 5,000 against Russia, impossible to calculate. The logic does not correspond to any analysis”.

The Russian mission in Italy during the pandemic. With the mission of March 2020, “a helping hand has been extended to the Italian people, but if someone bites that hand it is not honourable”. Thus the Russian ambassador in Rome returned to the mission with which Russia sent aid to our country during the hardest period of Covid. “The mission only went to the places indicated by Italy, precisely in Nembro, the center of the pandemic at that time – he added – They only did what was said by their Italian colleagues and the Russian mission ended when Italy proposed to conclude it. . The Italian authorities have expressed gratitude for what has been done “.

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Written by Christina d'souza

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