Ukraine: 26 bodies recovered from the rubble of 2 houses in Borodyanka

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26 Bodies Recovered From The Rubble Of 2 Houses In Borodyanka
26 bodies recovered from the rubble of 2 houses in Borodyanka

Borodyanka is one of the towns in which the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky has maintained that they are experiencing a tragedy similar to that of Bucha.

At least 26 bodies have been recovered this Thursday from the rubble of two houses in the Ukrainian city of Borodyanka, the attorney general of that European country, Irina Venediktova has denounced on her official Facebook profile.

“Only 26 bodies were discovered under the rubble of two bombed-out apartment buildings.” After visiting the city, he noted that “the enemy insidiously inflicted airstrikes on housing infrastructure at night, when there were the most people at home.”

In this regard, he stated, “The target was solely the civilian population.” “There isn’t a single military installation here,” he declared. He went on to say that “evidence of Russian war crimes” is “always” present in the city because of the remnants of cluster bombs, missiles, and rocket launchers.

The Ukrainian Prosecutor General has specified that in Motyzhyn the Russian forces killed a woman “just because she was dressed in black”. “The father of the victim was kept blindfolded in the barn for seven days,” she said.

In this regard, Venediktova specified that prosecutors, police officers, agents of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), and experts from five provinces “are gathering evidence of Russia’s war crimes for national and international courts. ” international”.

The president of Ukraine, Volodimr Zelenski, assured in his speech before the Security Council of the United Nations that “there are many other places similar (to Bucha ) of which the world has yet to discover the complete truth”, among which are Kharkiv, Chernigov, Okhtirka and Borodyanka.

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