The folding screen that plans to make Samsung

The South Korean company intends to be able to market with this kind of screens in 2018

samsung foldable phone 1
samsung foldable phone 1

Folding screens are the next step that technology companies want to give to design their devices. And although it seems very futuristic to think of a ‘smartphone’ with a screen that can be folded without breaking, this technology could be available in less time than expected. That is the aim of Samsung, which aims to launch a device with a foldable panel for 2018.

This is confirmed by the chairman of the Samsung mobile division, Koh Dong-Jin, at a press conference of the South Korean company. “We will launch a folding device when we are ready, and we expect to be ready for next year,” Dong-Jin said in remarks gathered by The Korea Herald.

The folding screen that plans to make Samsung
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According to the Samsung executive, the company is currently working on several obstacles to design these new screens, although it has not been confirmed whether this technology would apply to the range Galaxy S or Note.

Although Samsung has confirmed the date of release of the folding screens, it is not the first time a company talks about this technology. The Chinese company Lenovo presented at the Lenovo Tech World 2017 event last July several prototypes of ‘tablets’ and ‘smartphones’ with flexible display, and last June also unveiled sketches of a laptop also with flexible display.

Samsung introduced the first prototypes of its flexible display technology at CES 2013. A year later, the company arrived, like LG, to Las Vegas prototypes of televisions with screens that the user could double to adapt them to their angle of view.

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