Seven tips to face the Trump era without resigning

Seven tips to face the Trump era without resigning
Seven tips to face the Trump era without resigning

This list, prepared with the collaboration of eight experts, offers immediate (and positive) responses to the uncertainty and fears that accompany the arrival of Donald Trump.

1.- Before the (possible) elimination of DACA: calm

The immigration attorneys say that the dreamers would not lose immigration protection immediately if Trump eliminated the Executive Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) that currently protects 750,000 undocumented youth in the US. The work permits will remain valid until their expiration date, which maximum is two years.

During this time of transition, if this occurs, those affected are advised to consider their options to secure permanent residence through a relative who is legally in the country. Those who do not have that alternative, the advice is: do not get into trouble with the justice and accumulate documentation that proves your physical presence in the US so that it can be used in the future if another immigration relief is established.

First of all, it is recommended to go to certified immigration lawyers to avoid falling into the networks of fraudsters.

2.- Before the resignation: social participation

Numerous social organizations are actively protesting against measures that harm the interests of immigrants in the United States. The arrival of Trump to power, which will be received with marches in different parts of the country, has served community leaders to ask Hispanics to raise their voice in the streets and show their discomfort when they feel that their rights are being violated.

Jorge Mario Cabrera (CHIRLA) indicated that civic movements in the 1990s put pressure on California politicians to eliminate, as it happened, Proposition 187, which called for the removal of various services to undocumented immigrants in that state.

“If I do not want to be taken out of the country, then I have to get involved,” said Cabrera.

3.- Before the threats: optimism (Trump will not fulfill everything)

Although Trump has at his disposal to adopt measures that harm millions of immigrants, it is difficult for the US political system to prevent him from acting unilaterally, says Professor Fernando Guerra (LMU).

Experts consider some of their campaign proposals as unviable, such as the construction of a 2,000-mile wall on the border with Mexico for its high cost, around 4,500 billion dollars, and because it is unlikely that -as he has repeated- the neighbor I can afford it. On the other hand, the idea of ​​deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants means losing a large part of the workforce in this country or between 400,000 and 600,000 million dollars, according to a study.

“Trump may not be so bad for Latinos. It was good in the campaign, but managing the government is different. It will be so bad that his government will not work, “said Guerra.

4.- Given the uncertainty: preparation

It never hurts to be cautious and prepare for the worst, especially when the new US president has proven to be unpredictable. Experts recommend those who fear being deported to organize a plan that includes letters authorizing a family member who can pick up children from school, save to cover legal services and bonds (at least $ 1,500).

The lawyer Margarita Manduley encourages those who can regularize their situation to do so now. “It is better that they have something presented (before the authorities),” said the litigant. This also applies to requests for asylum or protection in the US for being a victim of domestic violence.

5. Before the exclusion: solidarity

The activists appeal that in this period, which is presumed to be complicated, solidarity among the Hispanic community becomes daily. While waiting for the migration authorities to implement more operations, support chains such as the so-called ‘Sanctuary Movement’ have been proposed so that the children of the undocumented are not left homeless, to offer refuge to the undocumented in the country or so that the neighbors Alert when ICE agents make an appearance.

The ‘Sanctuary Movement’ is formed so far by more than 800 religious congregations throughout the country. It has not stopped growing since Trump’s electoral triumph.

“Now is when we have to unite to fight together. From this can emerge leaders that we do not know now and defend ourselves by looking to the future, “explained Father Richard Estrada.

Counties, cities, universities, churches and even restaurants have joined the crusade against racism and exclusion.

6.- Facing fear: information

Psychologist Regina Mendoza, with offices in Florida, explains that after Trump’s triumph some migrants developed feelings similar to those of a death, such as denial, sadness and anger. Then came anxiety and fear which could prompt hasty decisions, such as leaving the country.

Exposure to unfounded alarming messages that are distributed through social networks (such as rumors of false raids that multiplied in January 2016) contributes to raising the level of stress and generating confusion. In a time when fake news is proliferating, it is necessary to select well the news sources in order to stay informed.

7.- Given the abuses: demand from local politicians

It is not necessary to be a citizen to send a petition or complaint to elected representatives, from the school district to the state governor (or even the president), says Cabrera. In that sense, Mendoza believes that staying active in politics helps reduce anxiety.

Through telephone calls, letters, emails or messages on social networks legislators may be required to support or reject the measures of the new president, community leaders point out. Local politicians have some room to maneuver in the face of federal measures and they are also due to their constituents to renew the position at the polls

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