Rising Russia-Ukraine crisis has broken diplomatic relations and caused fear among citizens

Christina d'souza
Christina d'souza
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Russia Ukraine Crisis
russia ukraine crisis

The Russian Federation and Ukraine are presently in a state of war. Moments after the speech of Putin has been delivered announcing the Military Operation, explosions were reported in several areas of Ukrainian cities and air sirens went off in Kyiv, signalling that the capital city is under attack, leading to increased public fear. The reports of the CNN team claims that the explosions were caused by missile strikes.

The fatalities are the latest in a flurry of occurrences that started early Thursday when Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a military action in Ukraine.

The explosions have caused a blunder among the people. Not only civilians, but the whole world is in the trauma of this crisis which is indirectly leading to a World War 3 scenario.

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Aside from the United States, major nations with great powers such as Germany and France have attempted to calm things down by persuading Russian President Vladimir Putin to withdraw his forces from the frontiers of Ukraine, a former Soviet republic.

However, it has been observed that Russia may indeed not want the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to admit Ukraine as a member since doing so would extend the grouping’s footprint near its borders. Furthermore, Russia believes that if Ukraine joins NATO, it will attempt to retake Crimea via military operations. As a result, Russia is demanding that the West to withdraw NATO forces from eastern Europe and never extend into Ukraine.

Rising Russia-Ukraine crisis has broken diplomatic relations and caused fear among citizens
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