Kyiv oil depot: completely destroyed by a Russian missile

The oil depot in Kyiv, which the Russians hit with a rocket on March 26, has been completely destroyed, the Kyiv regional military administration said.

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Chairman of the Kyiv Regional State Administration Maksym Kozitsky wrote about this on Telegram, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“The oil depot in Kyiv, which was hit by a rocket the day before, was completely destroyed,” he wrote.

Kozitsky noted that units of the State Emergency Service eliminated the fire throughout the night.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, as a result of the rocket attack on Kyiv, five people were injured, and an industrial facility was on fire.

Later, the head of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration (OVA), Maxim Kozitsky, said that two missile strikes had been carried out on Kyiv. According to him, five people were injured as a result of the shelling.

In the Rivne region, Russian invaders fired at the oil depot in the city of Dubno.

In addition, on Saturday evening, March 26, three rockets fired from the territory of Belarus were shot down in the airspace of Volyn. In total, the Russian invaders launched 4 missiles.

On March 25, 4 people were killed, 3 were injured as a result of the shelling by the Russians of a polyclinic in Kharkiv, where humanitarian aid was given out.

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