Nyamko Sabuni resigns as L-leader – Johan Pehrson takes over

Nyamko Sabuni resigns as a party leader for the liberals.

Nyamko Sabuni, the leader of the Liberal Party, announced her resignation at a press conference in the Riksdag.

Johan Pehrson, the Liberals’ Riksdag group leader, takes over as the new party leader. Sabuni says, “I have today informed the chairman of the nomination committee that I am resigning as chairman of Sweden’s liberal party.”

Nyamko Sabuni, the Liberals’ party leader, will resign with immediate effect, and Johan Pehrson, the Liberals’ group leader in the Riksdag today, will take over as the new party leader.

It hasn’t always been easy, on the contrary. I am who I am, with my own set of strengths and weaknesses. The party elected all of me in June 2019, but all of me is not what is needed, and the discussion about all of me obscures what is most important, that societal problem are given liberal solutions, says Nyamko Sabuni at a press conference.

Sabuni says, “Today, she announced to the chairman of the nomination committee that I am resigning as chairman of Sweden’s liberal party.”

According to a press release, Johan Pehrson approaches the new role with “humility and energy.”

It is a new task that I approach with humility and vigor. The Liberals are the key to a liberal bourgeois government, and he declares that he is prepared to lead the Liberals through a historic election campaign.

Sabuni’s resignation must have been communicated to the Liberal Party’s executive committee on Friday morning.

During the press conference, she discusses her political career and expresses pride in what the Liberals have accomplished in the nearly three years that Sabuni has been party leader.

She then abruptly exited the press conference without answering any questions.

Nyamko Sabuni arrived in Sweden as a refugee in 1981, was a founding member of the National Association of Afro-Swedes, and established himself early on in matters of honor. She has been the Liberal Party’s leader since June 2019, when she was unanimously elected.

Since June 2019, the Liberals have been subjected to a parliamentary blockade in the polls by SVT / Novus. Novus’ most recent result was 2.1 percent.

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