Lip Augmentation It is better to gradually increase the lip in several sessions.

Specialized in Antiaging Treatments, a specialist in Aesthetic Medicine. Here are the details of all the aspects about the increase in Albion, a treatment gaining popularity by both men and women.

woman getting cosmetic injection botox lip closeup woman beauty salon plastic surgery clinic
woman getting cosmetic injection botox lip closeup woman beauty salon plastic surgery clinic

What aspects of the lip can be improved with hyaluronic acid augmentation?

Hyaluronic acid can increase the volume in defined lips such as young people, and in the case of older people, it restores the shape, consistency, and size of the lip. You can also improve the lips’ hydration, especially in winter and summer when they remain drier due to cold or heat.

What brand of hyaluronic acid is the best?

Several brands depend on the patient’s volume, for example, Teosyal, Croma, Belotero, and hydrate Juvederm.

Why do the lips get thinner over the years?

The volume of the lips with age is lost or modified due to various causes such as lack of teeth, smaller teeth in adulthood due to wear, reabsorption of the jaw bone that support the teeth, hypertrophy of the muscles involved in the smile, being a smoker, etc.

Can the results of lip augmentation be maintained longer by following some tips?

Yes, for example, in the case of smokers, if they stopped smoking, it could last longer. Also, performing a touch-up six months before the hyaluronic is thoroughly degraded would be an excellent option to maintain the shape and last longer.

How do the lips look when hyaluronic acid is reabsorbed? Same as before filling?

They always look better, because usually when people reapply, they notice it when they compare the photos before the treatment and before the next.

Is there a way to remove the padding, or do you have to wait for it to be eradicated?

Yes, the great advantage of injecting hyaluronic acid is that it has an antidote called hyaluronidase, degrading in a few minutes or days. The filler has not been to the patient’s liking, but it is rarely used, but that possibility exists.

Have you noticed a boom in demand for this treatment from men? Why do you think that is due?

Yes, because there is more information on the Internet, word of mouth is also very important.

By augmenting the lip, can wrinkles in the upper lip area be improved?

Yes, in fact, in some cases, we do the barcode treatment and lip profiling in the same procedure when the wrinkles in the upper lip area are profound.

Are there patients who ask to get precisely the lips of some famous women? What does it tell them?

In some cases, it can be achieved; everything will depend on many factors, but it is not always possible because the lip is very, very thin, making full lips is not very aesthetic. In these cases, it is better to gradually increase the lip in several sessions until creating natural lips that match the patient’s physiognomy.

In which cases is this treatment contraindicated?

The contraindication is temporary for people suffering from herpes just on the day of the filling or any type of infection in the body. It would also be contraindicated in people with autoimmune diseases, a history with a tendency to hypertrophic or keloid scars, especially if they are on the face.

History of uncontrolled epilepsy, Porphyria disease. People with known hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid or gram-positive bacterial proteins. It is also not recommended in pregnancy, lactation and children.

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Lip Augmentation Helps to beautify the lips with a natural result

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