Interesting things to do in Bhutan

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tigers nest 2691190 1920

1. Wildlife safari in Bhutan

Jungle safari in Bhutan

Bhutan is a paradise for lovers of nature and wildlife

Interesting things to do in Bhutan

As it is located on the slopes of the Himalayas it is full of beautiful varied species of flowers, trees, bamboos, birds and animals.

Endangered species such as their national animal, Takin, snow leopards, black-necked cranes and tigers can be spotted in national parks that were specially built to protect them.

Takin Festival is held in national parks to detect the animal and make long walks in the dense forest. The Jigme Dorji National Park is an important attraction for tourism in Bhutan.

2. The Tiger nest of the Trek monastery

Tiger's Nest Monastery Trek

Trekking to the iconic Taktsang monastery , also known as the tiger’s nest. This is the place where the guru Rinpoche is thought to have meditated in the 8th century . The original structure was built in the seventeenth century , which burned down; and what we visited today was built in 1998 . The hike is beautiful – it takes between two to four hours of first walking uphill and then downhill.

It is not an easy walk, but the fluttering of prayer flags and the rattle of prayer wheels along the road take your attention away from the path scattered on the rock. Once you’re there, check out the beautiful valley of unemployment a thousand meters below you-by far, one of the best places of interest anywhere.

3. Attend the Bhutan Festival


Bhutan was declared as the land of gross national happiness. The culture of Bhutan is colored with a series of traditions and festivals that are celebrated throughout the country with great rigor and taste. Taking a tour of festivals to this country of beautiful natural landscapes and colorful celebrations offers you the opportunity to enjoy and experience the vibrant local traditions of the country.

Tsechu is one of the most important cultural festivals and is celebrated all year round, throughout the country in various temples, monasteries and Dzongs. The Festival is a mixture of colors, dance, music, food and laughter. The famous mask dance is one of the biggest draw for tourists all over the world. Apart from that you can also witness the sword dance or holy ceremonies.

4. Bird watching


The mystical land of Bhutan has been endowed with rich natural beauty and biodiversity. The predominant Buddhist culture believed in preserving and deeply venerating nature. Today, this Himalayan province is one of the most important places of biological significance in the world. The country has a range of rare bird species and flora and fauna.

With more than 600 species of birds, including endemic and endangered, the country has been considered a paradise for bird watchers. The imperial heron and the rare black-necked crane, both species of birds in danger of extinction can be sighted in the country along with the beautiful Nuthatch and the Kingfisher of Blyth.

5. Warm therapy of spring ‘Chiffon Tshachus’


It is believed that the thermal baths, more commonly known as Tshachus in Bhutan, have healing properties. For centuries, the local inhabitants of Bhutan have visited these baths to heal themselves of body and breasts pains. They have the centuries-old tradition of visiting the thermal baths in the winter months.

There are many hot springs throughout the country. Small walks surrounded by beautiful forests in a backdrop of snowy mountains will take you to one of the hot springs where the bath houses are made with bathing facilities.

the hot springs are located throughout the country. The main thermal waters are Tshachus gauze which is ten hour walk from Punakha , Dur Tshachu located in Bumthang, Duenmang Tshachu located on the shore of Mangde Chu and Gelephu Tshachu in southern Bhutan. Winters are the best time or season for hot spring therapy.

6. Meditation and retreat in Bhutan

yoga in Bhutan

With the predominant Buddhist culture in Bhutan, yoga, meditation and meditation retreats are widespread. The scenic beauty undisturbed and meditation retreats in the high hills, makes this country a paradise for those who are looking for a quiet silence and inner peace. There are meditation and yoga centers throughout the Kingdom.

Apart from temples and monasteries, most hotels in Bhutan also offer for meditation and yoga session facilities. If you want a meditation and retreat excursion or you want to take the lonely route, Bhutan has a lot to offer when it comes to connecting with your inner being and nature.

7. Season the cuisine of Bhutan


The cuisine of Bhutan is a must! The cuisine of Bhutan is spicy and healthy with cheese, chile, meat and rice being its main ingredients. EMA Datshi, made of cheese and Chili, is your national dish so unique and tasty. For those who can not handle the spice a simple but delicious meal of boiled vegetables, rice and meat is also available.

Interesting things to do in Bhutan

Best time to visit Bhutan

  • Best time to visit alone – August, September, November
  • Best time to visit for a couple – September, November, December
  • Best time to visit with Family and friends – September, November, December

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