In the pool, Fernando Lozada pulls down his underwear and almost shows off too much

The former member of “Acapulco Shore” explained that it was the first time that he had taken this type of photograph and it was very interesting.

Fernando Lozada

MEXICO CITY.- Fernando Lozada set social networks on fire this Tuesday by publishing a snapshot showing off his attributes with underwear.

Through his Instagram profile, the former member of the controversial program “Acapulco Shore” explained that it was the first time he had taken this type of photograph and he did something very interesting.

i had never had photos taken of this style but it was interesting. Very soon I will share with you where they will come out ”, wrote Leandro’s father with the publication.
In the image, Fernando Lozada appears posing in a pool, while lowering his underwear a little and showing his spectacular body, as well as some of his tattoos.

After sharing his photograph, Fernando achieved 192 thousand “Likes” and thousands of comments from friends and fans who praised his shapely figure.

“My God”, “Only Fans?”, “Wonderful”, “congratulations on leaving with your wedding band”, “speechless” were some of the comments.



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