Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping chat at the Mar-a-Lago residential complex after a bilateral meeting in Palm Beach, Florida, USA, on April 7, 2017.

“His blows to the chest are useless”: China criticizes Trump’s words about Pionyang at the UN

It’s time for the US realizes that his “irresponsible” words and actions make Pionyang “a blind alley,” the Chinese state daily People’s Daily reports.

China has blamed US President Donald Trump on Wednesday for threatening “total destruction” of North Korea during his first address to the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly, which this week hosts its headquarters in New York (USA).

Beijing not only blames Piongyang for the nuclear crisis, but also blames Washington on its hostile policies toward the North Korean government. “Trump threatens North Korea with ‘total destruction’, while China calls for a peaceful settlement,” reads the headline of People’s Daily, China’s largest state newspaper, which reflects the government’s view.

The situation on the Korean peninsula “has gone from bad to worse”

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“Trump’s political breasts are futile and will only push North Korea to pursue even more risky policies, because the survival of the regime is at stake,” the Chinese daily said, noting that “the time has come” UU. realize that his “irresponsible” words and actions put Pionyang “in a dead end.”

“It would be a tragedy if Trump’s risky ‘game of hen’ with North Korea crosses the point of no return,” he says.

China has also criticized the United States. by the fact that the situation on the Korean peninsula has gone “from bad to worse”, which shows that Washington has not fulfilled “its role of main country responsible”. The United States, which “fuels” the conflict and pushes China to “weaken” Pionyang “for its selfish interests,” should use “its great power and influence” to do more to break the spiral of the escalation “and engage North Korea in the dialogue.

Trump strikes Kim Jong-un

In his first speech to the UN, the White House tenant attacked North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, whom he referred to as “the missile man” who, he said, “carries out a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. ”

Trump accused the North’s “depraved regime” of being “responsible for the death by starvation of millions of its inhabitants,” as well as threatening “the whole world” with “an unthinkable loss of human lives.”

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