Games you can do with your partner and not leave the house all day

The following list of games may be perfect for you and for your weekends. Luck!

carly rae hobbins zNHOIzjJiyA unsplash
carly rae hobbins zNHOIzjJiyA unsplash

Games are always a great excuse to spend hours of fun with your friends, but what if now you spend all of these with your partner and in a more romantic style? Maintaining love and ensuring that your relationship does not fall into the routine can be a complicated challenge, since it takes a lot of interest and commitment from both of you so that the path you travel does not become boring or even annoying, and in turn, your love stay strong, whole and sincere.

A great idea for both of you to stay in love, it can be a few game nights where both of you have extreme fun and romance. Maybe they are bored of doing the same thing every Saturday and want to do something completely different that will also help their relationship, then the following list of games may be perfect for you and for your weekends. Luck!

1. Know your secrets
It is a series of questions written on pieces of paper, each one will have to bring their own and, perhaps, a Friday night is their perfect pretext to have a Romanesque night. This game helps them to get to know each other and fall in love with each other’s secrets.

2. Change personalities
For this game you must know your partner perfectly, it is just that one plays the role of the other and vice versa. They can do anything as a challenge, go shopping, some housework, drive, you choose. It will be fantastic.

3. Challenges
This game is about both sending a challenge to the other by text message and they must complete it throughout the week. Whoever has followed the rules that have been established wins‚Ķ you will know what the prize will be ūüėŹ.

4. Something more sensual … outside clothing, then
If they want to raise the temperature, then playing with clothes in between will be a lot of fun. They can choose any board game , whatever it is, the point is that for each defeat they will have to take off the garment that the other chooses … after a few hours, that game will become more interesting.

5. What they like and what they don’t
For this game they must be calm and relaxed, they must be aware that it is a game and that it is to elevate their love and not to fight. They must find a harmonious place and it consists of one saying 3 things that annoy the other while the latter listens without interrupting, and then it is the same procedure for this person.

6. He who laughs loses
It is a challenge in which one takes a funny attitude and the other should not laugh at anything in the world and vice versa. It may be that the challenge lasts a whole day or just one night, you set the rules and the fun.

7. Truth or challenge
The classic game of truth or challenge in which one asks what he prefers and depending on the answer of the other is how the fun develops and arises. It will be fun!

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