Ecatepec reactivates the loan of oxygen tanks before the third wave of Covid-19

The loan and refilling of oxygen tanks in Ecatepec can be done for free, 24 hours a day, at the La Pirámide de Ciudad Azteca support center

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Given the increase of infection by the third wave of Covid-19 , the municipal government reactivated Monday the “A Respite Ecatepec” program that consists of the loan and filling of tanks of oxygen for those affected by the disease and need for treatment involving medicinal oxygen.

The reactivation of the program in the municipality of Ecatepec , in the State of Mexico , occurred before the announcement of the municipal president, Fernando Vilchis, to incorporate extraordinary measures to face the rebound in the pandemic

The program restarted the day of change to orange traffic light after several weeks on green traffic light and for the moment it will provide free service at the La Pirámide de Ciudad Azteca support center , 24 hours a day.

The reactivation of the loan and refilling of oxygen tanks, detailed Jazmín del Carmen Martínez Arteaga, deputy director of municipal Health, responds to the increase in infections among the population of young people and adolescents .

In addition, it will also help prevent an oxygen shortage in the face of increased demand due to a possible change to a red light in two weeks.

According to Conacyt figures, Martínez Arteaga added, until July 25, Ecatepec registered 37,854 confirmed cases and 5,469 deaths, as well as 416 active cases and 25,647 recovered; “In the last seven days there has been an increase of 709 cases and 24 deaths.

Ramiro Alonso Aliaga, president of the Council of the Red Cross of Ecatepec, pointed out the setback in the epidemiological traffic light signage and highlighted the importance of vaccination for people who refuse to receive immunization.

“There has been a rejection of the vaccine, mainly from youth and young adults. It has to be mentioned that the vaccine is reliable. Please go to apply the vaccine, it is the most important measure at this time to mitigate the pandemic, “invited Alonso Aliaga.

Program background
Last January, the program was activated in three recharging centers during the most critical stage of the pandemic and benefited more than 7,400 families with the loan and refilling of oxygen tanks, as well as the home delivery of 350 tanks to vulnerable people.

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