Brazil’s Tocantins State, Aura Minerals Discuss USD 70mn Gold Project

Babita Soni
Babita Soni
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Tocantins state officials met with Plnio Cardoso, country manager for Canadian gold miner Aura Minerals, to discuss the company’s US$73mn Almas gold project, which is part of a larger campaign to lure investments to the state.

“We have this deeper connection with investors because we operate with transparency in our actions, and within this transparency process, we focus on all production chains, including mining,” said Carlos Humberto Lima, the secretary of industry, commerce, and services for the state of Tocantins.

To promote and accelerate the socioeconomic development of our state, we must work in tandem with the producing sector,” he continued. “Our primary objective is to create a business ecosystem that is more attractive to investments.”

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There was a lack of reporting of additional details.

The Almas Greenstone belt runs for around 15 kilometers, and inside that is where Aura Minerals’ Paiol, Cata Funda, and Vira Saia deposits may be found.

BNamericas reports a mine life of 17 years and a capacity of 51,000 oz/y for the mine. The manufacturing will begin in April.

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