At the headquarters of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, a drone detonates.

Donetsk pro Russians
Donetsk pro Russians

Russian Navy celebrations on the Crimean peninsula were cancelled after six people were injured by a drone explosion at the headquarters of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. This information was provided by officials. Meanwhile, one of Ukraine’s wealthiest grain merchants has passed away.

The Ukrainian government claims that Russia launched a missile attack on the businessman’s residence, which resulted in his death.

On the Crimean peninsula, six people were injured when a drone exploded, causing the Russian Navy celebrations to be postponed until further notice. This information was provided by officials.

Meanwhile, one of Ukraine’s wealthiest individuals, a grain dealer, has died. The businessman was killed by a missile fired by Russia, according to Ukrainian authorities.

Nobody has claimed credit for the drone attack on Sevastopol’s naval headquarters on Sunday, but rebels in Ukraine are suspected of carrying out the attack in order to remove Russian soldiers from the city.

RIA-Novosti quotes Crimea lawmaker Olga Kovitidi as saying the drone was fired from Sevastopol. As far as he knew, it was being examined as a terrorist incident.

The terror danger level in Crimea has been increased to ‘yellow’. After an explosion at the headquarters in the Crimean city of Sevastopol, the Russian Navy Day holiday was cancelled. In 2014, Russia attacked and occupied Crimea.

Using a drone, the Black Sea Fleet’s news office stated that the attack was successful. Six individuals were hurt, according to Sevastopol Mayor Mikhail Razvozaev.

The location of the drone’s departure is a mystery at this point in time. The distance between the Ukrainian mainland and the port city of Sevastopol is around 170 kilometres. Most of the Black Sea region is under Russian military control.

A Ukrainian Navy adviser and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky argued that the drone strike demonstrated Russia’s inability to defend itself against airborne threats.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the United Kingdom, the conflict continues. Vitaly Kim, the mayor of Mykoliv, a significant port city, confirmed that the bombing claimed the lives of Ukrainian billionaire Oleksai Vadurtsky and his wife. In addition to grain storage and export, Vadurtsky was active in other businesses.

One person was killed in a bombing near the Russian border in the Sumy region of northern Ukraine. This information was provided by the local government.

Three individuals had been killed earlier, according to Donetsk Governor Pavlo Killilenko. Russian insurgents control a portion of the area.

Russian officials claim that Ukraine carried out the attack on the Olenivka building where the 53 Ukrainian detainees killed in a blast on Friday, according to Zelensky adviser Mikhailo Podoliak, who tweeted that the explosion took place inside the building where the detainees were being held by Russia.

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